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The Economic Management Law Sub Forum of the Ninth "Liyan Forum" Was Successfully Held

Author:   Date:2022-10-14   Source:    ClickTimes:

In the afternoon of October 13, 2022, the economic management law sub forum of the ninth "Liyan Forum" was successfully held. The theme of this forum is "Digital empowerment, accelerating the construction of digital culture". Due to the epidemic situation, the forum was held online by Tencent and jointly conducted by the College of Economics, the College of Management and the College of Law. Professor Yang Wen from the College of Economics, Professor Niu Ben from the College of Management and Professor Ye Weiping from the College of Law attended the event and, as the representative teachers of each school, shared their experiences and summarized and exchanged ideas on paper writing.

First of all, teachers from all schools of economics and management law shared their experience in papers. Professor Niu Ben explained the structure of the paper, introduction, literature review and innovation, language skills and academic ethics; Professor Yang Wen summarized the enthusiasm of paper writing, the frontier of topic selection and the framework problems in students' paper writing; Finally, Professor Ye Weiping shared his own views on the legal regulation and adjustment of the digital economy, and proposed that the problems in the field of digital economy need multidisciplinary and multi perspective views.