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The main committees of AACSB at SZUCM

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The main committees of AACSB at SZUCM

Name Job   Description Members
AACSB Office Responsible for the work related to accreditation, such as organizing seminars, coordinating with different departments and writing the reports. Director: Associate Dean ZHOU Zhimin
Members: AACSB Coordinators
Advisory Committee It provides guidance and reference for the talent cultivation, strategic planning and other   policies of the college. Director: Vice President XU Chen 
Members: business  experts
Strategic Plan   Committee Responsible for the   strategic development orientation of the college, clarifying the mission,   vision and values of the college, making decisions on the overall strategic  deployment of the college, and continuously improving the college's strategic   plan. Director: Dean LI Li
Members: Secretary of the Party, Deputy Secretary of the Party, 3 associate deans, program directors, faculty representatives, entrepreneur representatives, professional staff representatives and student’s representatives.
Teaching Instruction   Committee Responsible for defining learning goals, curriculum design, and matching curriculum system   and learning goals of each degree program.

Bachelor program director: Associate Dean MA Weihon

Master program director: Associate Dean NIU Ben

Members: each degree program directors and faculty representatives

AoL Committee Responsible for formulating rubrics for learning goals in all programs, determining   assessment methods of learning objectives, and evaluating and continuously improving learning effects.

Director: Associate Dean MA Weihon

Members: faculty representatives

Faculty Qualification   Committee Responsible for the formulation and evaluation of teacher qualification standards (how to define 4 different types: academic research, academic practice, practical research   and practical teaching)

Director: Associate Dean ZHOU Zhimi

Members: Professors Committee, faculty representatives