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AACSB Accreditation Learning and Exchanging Seminar Held Successfully

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On July 1, Dr. Ji Qing Hua, the Associate dean and professor oat the Department of Information Systems,College of Business Administration of California State University-Long Beach was invited to SZUCM, major issue is AACSB accreditation. college dean professor Liu Jun, college associate dean professor Zhou Zhimin and associate dean professor Pan Yanchun attended the seminar. In addition, foreign Office staff and some other faculty and teachers also attended.

Mr. Chi systematically explained about the AACSB Accreditation which comprises of three key elements: the strategic planning of the college, the faculty qualifications and AoL system (Assurance of Learning). The strategic plan is generally settled and clarified by College Strategic Planning Committee, which would organize the whole faculty staff to discuss and argue several times in order to decide the current strategic plan. The settled strategic plan must in accordance with the school positioning,timing, and the common objectives.Second, the faculty qualifications would be also decided by other committees.The AoL (Assurance of Learning)system is on the basis of the college teaching goals and mission, and revised by college Assessment Workshop.Then,Mr. Chi gave detailed answers to the current accreditation problems that are encountered in SZUCM.



This forum came to a complete success and made the attendees fully recognize the importance and value of the AACSB accreditation for the future development of SZUCM. Several key aspects during the AACSB accreditation was clarified.SZUCM would like to continue strengthening ties with California State University, Long Beach, and to carry out in-depth cooperation in various aspects such as international cooperative projects, academic exchanges and visits, and international journals publishing.