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"Internet Innovation and Service Reform" Practice Class

Author:Feng Feng   Date:2020-11-30   Source:    ClickTimes:

    On November 29, 2020, Yu Lei, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BrainCo, was invited to Shenzhen University to introduce AI and BMI brain-computer interface for 19 MBA High-end Service Class.

    BrainCo ranked 16 in the “TOP20 Global Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2019” by Chinese Academy of Sciences. The technics of BrainCo have been applied into the fields of education, physical culture, positive meditation, treatment for autism, rehabilitation of the disabled. The pre-research technics include BrainOS, digital medicine, digital sleep. The technics of human-machine interaction and industrial application, medical treatment, entertainment and health for future application have been looked into and projected.

    After the fervent questioning and interaction with the students, Associate Professor Liu Yanni concluded that the cutting-edge technology recommended by Mr. Yu Lei not only inspired but amazed us by the rapid pace of innovation and change, which undoubtedly benefits us a lot.