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Mentor’s Accreditation Guidance

Author:Feng Feng   Date:2021-04-23   Source:    ClickTimes:

On the afternoon of April 22, 2021, Prof Yin Zhiwen (Deputy Dean in the School of Management at Fudan University and official tutor of SZUCM) visited our school for the fifth time to guide the AACSB certification work. Dean Li Li, Secretary He Jun, Deputy Dean Zhou Zhimin, Deputy Dean Pan Yanchun, Director Ye Niangyue, Associate Professor Wang Yanhua, and members of AACSB Certification Office Zhang Ruina and Feng Feng attended the meeting. It was presided over by Deputy Dean Pan Yanchun.

At the very start, Prof Li Li, on behalf of our college, appreciated Prof Yin’s help and expressed gratitude for his hard work. She addressed that applying for the AACSB certification is not only an opportunity for continuous improvement of our open and internationalized education, but an urgent strategic request from the state-level double first-rate initiative. She emphasized what values most is to confront difficulties and go all out during the critical period.  

In the light of the problems in the present progress report, Prof Yin Zhiwen detailed and demonstrated item by item, from financial strategies and allocation of resources to curricula management and assurance of learning, from faculty sufficiency and deployment to faculty qualifications and engagement. He claimed anything but institutionalization and standardization can ace the continuous progress.

Prof Zhou Zhimin, in line with facts of our college, brought forth proposals on expressions which were supposed to result in comprehensive deviation or even misapprehension, such as, how to distinguish extra work stipends from overtime stipends, aiming at putting the mission-oriented intellectual contributions into teaching process through to students learning.

Prof Pan Yanchun presented the improvement plan of the faculty qualification and made a brief conclusion. Since the 2020 new standard is upcoming, he said, it is crucial to spare no effort to pass the initial certification right before the standard officially takes effect.