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Enterprise Guests’ Campus Sharing ---- in "Kingdee K3 Cloud Manufacturing" Class

Author:Feng Feng   Date:2022-05-06   Source:    ClickTimes:

On the afternoon of May 5, 2022, Mr. Su Linhui, a senior designer of Shenzhen Langzhe Technology Co., Ltd, was invited in the online "Kingdee K3 Cloud Manufacturing" class to share experience of industrial product design.

Based on Chinese traditional culture, Mr. Su not only introduced the design concepts and cases in industrial products, but exemplified product design and manufacturing processes, such as the design of appearance and position of each part of the pickup equipment, material selection, collaboration with other sections in design and manufacturing, standardization and performance optimization of finished products, presenting a wonderful lecture for the students.

As an essential supplement to theoretical knowledge, the practical input embeds a vital role to play in helping students achieve the application and sustainability of professional knowledge.