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Enterprise Visit Series ------ McDonald’s

Author:Feng Feng   Date:2022-05-19   Source:    ClickTimes:

On the afternoon of May 18, Ma Weihong, Deputy Dean of SZUCM, Cui Shijuan, director of Department of Business Administration, Jin Yuanji, teacher of BA, paid a visit to Shenzhen McDonald’s Co., Ltd.

Leaders of McDonald’s greeted and gave a warm reception. Wu Husheng, senior director of Human Resource Department of McDonald's China headquarters, gave a brief introduction of current situation of service industry transformation as well as its resulting demand for excellent management talents. Li Yinghui, McDonald's Shenzhen Human Resource Manager, mainly focused on their "Future Elite Program" that highlights the career development of graduates and undergraduates. Regarding digital management skills and tertiary industry operation system, both got to the point and had an in-depth conversation.

At the end of the visit, two parties reached an agreement on the follow-up management case study of the service industry and also looked forward into boom of the "Future Elite Program".