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Enterprise Visit Series ------ Talent Recruitment International CO., LTD

Author:Feng Feng   Date:2022-06-03   Source:    ClickTimes:

On the morning of June 2, a group of teachers, Ding Wanling, Ding Xiaqi, Zeng Xihuan, Wang Rong, from the Department of Human Resource Management, SZUCM, together with some students, paid a visit to Shenzhen Talent Recruitment International CO., LTD.

Ms. Liu Xianqin, head of International Innovation Business Department, introduced the company’s origin and future development plan. Three employees who graduated from Shenzhen University were invited to share their occupational experience. Teachers from SZUCM expected in-depth cooperation in talent training.

With the end of the enterprise visit, both were looking forward to the integration of production, teaching, learning and research.