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Professor Zhang Qingyu of the School of Management has been named one of the world's Top 100,000 scholars (Top 2%)

Author:   Date:2022-11-11   Source:    ClickTimes:

The Global Scholars Database website has released its 2022 ranking of the world's most influential scholars. The ranking released a list of the world's top 100,000 scholars in all disciplines, with 9,044 Chinese scholars ranking second globally. The number of scholars at the Chinese Academy of Sciences ranks first in China and third in the world. The Chinese Academy of Sciences (1,019), Zhejiang University (299), Tsinghua University (294), Peking University (236) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (210) ranked the top five.

The 2022 global scholars academic influence ranking is based on global library (http://www.globalauthorid.com/WebPortal/EliteRank), According to the scoring and ranking rules and methods of scientific paper quality assessment, the literature published by scholars from all disciplines in the world in the past 30 years is processed and calculated centrally. The rankings aim to help academics around the world, especially in China, identify experts and leaders in various disciplines and track the frontiers of research in these disciplines. The E3 official account has compiled the list of domestic scholars in management science and engineering, applied economics and business administration among the world's top 100,000 scholars. Among them, 51 are in management science and engineering, 11 are in applied economics, and 34 are in business administration. Zhang Qingyu Distinguished Professor of the School of Management has been selected as one of the world's top scholars in the field of business administration, which plays an important role in accelerating the construction and development of the school's management discipline.