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MBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Enterprise Guest Sharing Meeting - Cross border E-commerce Industry Analysis

Author:   Date:2022-10-23   Source:    ClickTimes:

On the afternoon of October 22, 2022, Teacher Pan Yanping invited Yu Zheng, a lawyer from Jincheng Tongda (Shenzhen) Law Firm, to the online class of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management (Tencent Conference) to share the development and problems of the cross-border e-commerce industry.

In this sharing meeting, lawyer Yu mainly focused on four parts. First, the first part is mainly about the development history, overview and trend of cross-border export e-commerce industry. He analyzed the relationship between cross-border e-commerce and entrepreneurship based on the content of innovation and entrepreneurship courses. The second part introduces the history and current situation of cross-border e-commerce industry listing, and briefly introduces major listing events since 2010.

The third part is about the analysis of the main legal issues and listing risk points, mainly from the problems of the two sets of accounts and their impact on the A-share IPO reporting period, the impact of the two sets of accounts on daily compliance, incomplete ODI (overseas investment) procedures, withholding of sales tax when sales in the United States are not in time, insufficient payment of VAT on sales in the EU, some small package businesses leaving the country in a non customs clearance mode, and the existence of multiple accounts in Amazon, They are elaborated in detail. He made comments, analysis and suggestions through relevant facts, relevant platform policies and the latest audit practice. The fourth part is a summary. He proposed other special industry issues that the exchange needs to pay attention to and the customs clearance password for entering e-commerce IPO.

After the sharing meeting, the students actively communicated and discussed with lawyer Yu, and expressed that they had benefited a lot. Finally, Mr. Pan concluded: I hope that through this study and exchange, students will not only increase their wisdom and broaden their horizons, but also change their thinking and actions. Entrepreneurship should focus on action!