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Job Seeking and Employment Guidance Series Activities was successfully held

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In order to help students understand various legal issues in the process of job hunting and alleviate various anxieties and puzzles in the process of job hunting in the graduation season, the College of Management held a special sharing meeting on job hunting legal issues and interview skills at A205, Mingli Building, Lihu Campus on November 29. The meeting will be held online and offline simultaneously.

This sharing meeting invited Mr. Huang Jiaxing, a 2016 MBA alumnus and founding partner of Guangdong Zhuoke Law Firm, and Mr. Chen Jiating, a 2019 human resources management major, as guests. Lawyer Huang Jiaxing had a professional and practical exchange with the students on the spot and online about the common legal issues in the process of employment, such as the termination of the employment agreement after the signing of the employment agreement, the common legal risks in the process of employment, the matters needing attention in the signing of the labor contract, and the management of the probation period. Chen Jiating, who attended the autumn job fair with a passing rate of about 90%, successfully won the offer from ZTE, Dajiang and other HR posts, is now an intern at ZTE HRBP, and  would be assigned to the national HR after graduation next year. As a "senior face bully", she shared vivid interview skills with the students through her job interview experience and experience, bringing them full of dry goods.



After sharing their respective themes, the two guests also had a warm interaction with the students on the spot and online at the sharing meeting. In response to the confusion and problems encountered by the students in the process of job hunting, they gave a patient and professional response. Nearly two hours of sharing meeting, the students attending the meeting had learned a lot.