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Shimen Middle School Visit - a signing and awarding ceremony for the Excellent Student Source Base

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In order to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of enrollment promotion work and further enhance the connection between our college and target high schools, on April 21, 2023, with the support of the College of Management and the Admissions Office of Shenzhen University, He Jun (Secretary of the SZUCM), Zhu Lingyan from the SZU Admissions Office, and Song Yinuo (Secretary of the Undergraduate Teaching Affairs Office) visited Shimen Middle School in Nanhai District, Foshan City, for the signing and awarding ceremony of the excellent student base. Principal Li Weidong, Vice Principal Chen Bingfeng, Vice Principal Zhang Guojun, Director Liu Wei of the third-grade faculty, Director Shen Minji of the Student Development Center, and several senior class teachers attended the medal ceremony at Shimen High School.


At the beginning of the meeting, Vice President Zhang Guojun of Shimen High School expressed his welcome to the visiting team of Shenzhen University and introduced the school's founding history, college entrance examination (Gaokao) admission situation, and training characteristics. Shimen Middle School in Nanhai District, Foshan City was founded in 1932, named after one of the eight scenic spots in Yangcheng. After nearly a century of development, Shimen Middle School has become a famous high school with a consistent school history inheritance in the Foshan region. It is also one of the first batch of national demonstration ordinary high schools, the National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee, the first Guangdong Province level one school, and the advanced grassroots party organization in Guangdong Province. In the six consecutive years of college entrance examination admissions, Shimen Middle School's enrollment in Qinghua and Beida is the first in Foshan City. The number of students selected by Hong Kong University, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is the first in Guangdong Province. In the 2022 college entrance examination, Shimen High School ranked first among public high schools in Guangdong Province with a score of over 600. Shimen Middle School adheres to the educational philosophy of "simple education", implements a curriculum system of "moral education", "speech education", "self-improvement", "career development", and "quality education", and is committed to cultivating leaders and builders of future society.


Afterwards, He Jun (Secretary of the SZUCM) and Zhu Lingyan from the SZU Admissions Office introduced the educational situation and admission policies of Shenzhen University respectively. Secretary He Jun said that Shenzhen University is closely linked to the development of Shenzhen's Advanced Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, and is the only comprehensive university that has grown up with Shenzhen. Shenzhen University has strong faculty and rapidly improving scientific research capabilities, achieving continuous breakthroughs in iconic research achievements in many key fields. Shenzhen University has 24 undergraduate teaching colleges (departments) and 101 undergraduate majors, including 34 national first-class undergraduate major construction sites and 21 provincial-level first-class undergraduate major construction sites. In terms of student development, Shenzhen University emphasizes interest orientation and makes good use of interdisciplinary disciplines to cultivate versatile talents; At the same time, Shenzhen University also pays attention to the integration of science and education, industry and education, undergraduate and graduate studies, and specialized innovation. This not only allows students to be taught according to their aptitude and provides the most suitable training methods, but also creates a superior platform for students to pursue higher education and employment. After listening, the teachers of Shimen Middle School expressed their great confidence, joy, and longing for their students to study at Shenzhen University. Zhu Lingyan introduced the admission policies, highlights, and previous years' admissions of Shenzhen University. The teachers of Shimen Middle School expressed their deep affection for the rapid development and humanized admission policies of Shenzhen University, and strongly supported students in applying to Shenzhen University.


After friendly communication, Secretary He Jun of the College of Management, on behalf of Shenzhen University, held a signing and awarding ceremony for the Excellent Student Source Base with Shimen Middle School in Nanhai District, Foshan City. He also presented the "Good News" for the 2021-2022 academic year awards of Shenzhen University students who graduated from Shimen Middle School. This visit and the signing and awarding ceremony for the Excellent Student Source Base successfully concluded.

This visit has strengthened the accuracy and effectiveness of enrollment promotion work, and further enhanced the connection between our school and Shimen Middle School. In the 2023 college entrance examination enrollment, more outstanding students from Shimen will realize their dreams at Shenzhen University!