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Our Scholars Visited Subsidiary Company of China Electronics Corporation(CEC): Promoting Student Employment and Seeking for Further Cooperation

Author:Zhang Ruina   Date:2023-05-11   Source:    ClickTimes:

On the afternoon of April 28th,college dean ZHANG Weiguo and college party secretary HE Jun, college faculty representatives MA Lijun, DING Wanling, LIU Shixiong, Yuan Jingbo, ZHANG Peng, together withVice President ofSZU, WANGYongchengand other colleges representatives in SZU(19 people in a group) paid a visit to the China Great Wall, one subsidiary company of China Electronics Corporation (CEC), with the aim to promote student employment and seek for furthercooperation with the company. Theywere warmly received by the company'sassistant presidentYUANJiandong,and the HR-general managerJIAN Guohong, etc.

China Great Wall is the subsidiary company of China Electronics Corporation (CEC), the enterprise mission is "Building a Great Wall network and connecting a happy world". China Great Wall adheres to the vision of "becoming a safe, advanced and green autonomous computing industry leader", serves the national strategic needs, and continues to focus on the core business of autonomous computing industry and system equipment. It is the main force in China's autonomous computing system and is also China’s independent innovation force in network and information technology. As a leader in China's autonomous computing industry, China Great Wall developed the first Chinese microcomputer with independent intellectual property rights, the first computer hard disk, with the first ASIC chip, the first monitor, the first optical fiber converter, the first light pen graphic display terminal, etc. China Great Wall is one of the national drafting units to set industrial standards in the fields of computer, power supply, high-tech electronics, etc.

At the meeting,company'sassistant presidentYUANJiandong,expressed that the company is in urgent need of talents due to its rapid development in recent years. He hoped to take this opportunity to start cooperation with Shenzhen University in industry-university research and personnel training.

It is suggested to carry out cooperative exploration from the two sides in the following aspects: First, strengthen personnel training. Schools should organize faculty to carry out technical research and modify the personnel training program according to the research results; Second, strengthen cooperation and increase recruitment publicity during the autumn recruitment and spring recruitment each year; The third is to set up practice bases and arrange students to visit and practice in China Great Wall; Fourth, cooperate to carry out tailor-made training to improve the management ability of enterprise managers; Fifth, strengthen the deep integration of enterprises, universities and research institutes, to better improve the commercialization and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

To conduct practice-based programs by cooperating with high-tech companies is one of SZUCM’s strategic initiatives. To keep this strategic planning in mind, SZUCM have conducted joint degree course programs with the industry giants such as CIMC and Kingdee since 2017 and 2018 respectively. Through these college efforts, SZUCM created our social impact and realized the transfer of technology in certain fields.