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Medical experts share the cutting-edge knowledge and experience of modern medical management with our MBA students

Author:ZHANG Ruina   Date:2023-05-23   Source:    ClickTimes:

On May 20, 2023, Professor Zheng Liguang, former President of the People's Hospital of Luohu District, was invited to teach our MBA students in the course of "Hospital Strategic Management".

During the course, Professor Zheng Liguang mentioned key points such as "the importance of having managerial thinking" and "managers should sees essence through phenomena". "Managers should plan hospitals development at a high level and think over their own academic, clinical, scientific research, and service". It was also mentioned in the course that the strategic management of hospitals can be divided into two major steps, namely, exploring and developing competitive advantages, and then planning how to achieve strategic goals. According to this theory, Professor Zheng gave an example, in the management of a hospital's nursing department, the first step is to grasp the nursing human resources of the entire hospital, and carry out lean management based on reasonable allocation, rather than simply recruiting personnel based on the demands. In addition, Professor Zheng, based on his rich experience, deeply analyzes the core elements of hospital strategic management, emphasizing that the core element of hospital strategic management is people, and should focus on improving medical service processes to make patients more comfortable; Putting people first changes operational thinking, reduces process redundancy, and improves employee efficiency. In addition, Professor Zheng also mentioned that the methods and tools for developing hospital strategies can be analyzed using SWOT, conducting extensive market research and visits, gaining a deeper understanding of residents' needs, and developing hospital specialties. Based on this approach, Professor Zheng gave an example and mentioned that the emergency department of hospitals in Shenzhen not only deals with emergency treatment, but also can deeply cultivate and develop trauma medicine, and so on. Professor Zheng summarized that the development of hospitals should not only be based on their own conditions and advantages, but also on market demand and changes in the disease spectrum of provinces and cities.

After thecourse, MBA students actively participated in interactive Q&A and had in-depth communication with Professor Zheng Liguang. By interacting with experts,students are expected to achieve comprehensive and in-depth learning outcomes, laying a solid foundation for their future development in the field of medical management.

Edited by Li Jiarong(2022 MBA Medical Management Direction)