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College of Management International Young Faculty Exchange Promotion Association Launch Ceremony Held Successfully

Author:Huiru Wang   Date:2023-10-20   Source:    ClickTimes:

On October 19, 2023, the launch ceremony of the College of Management International Young Faculty Exchange Promotion Association was successfully held in Room A203 of Mingli Building. Zhang Weiguo, the Dean of the College of Management, along with Vice Deans Niu Ben and Chen Xingyu, as well as several young faculty members, participated in the meeting. Vice Dean Chen Xingyu presided over the launch ceremony.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dean Zhang Weiguo delivered a speech. Dean Zhang emphasized that Shenzhen University has set clear goals to become a world-class comprehensive university, which requires the development of first-class management disciplines and a first-class management school. The college should attach great importance to the construction of a high-level talent team and high-quality talent cultivation. The introduction and cultivation of outstanding young talents lay a solid foundation for the college to achieve its goals. In light of this, we have established the International Young Faculty Exchange Promotion Association. The establishment of the association will not only help the college attract young talents but also assist young faculty in self-improvement. Guided by the goal of building a first-class management school, the college is currently reforming its existing incentive mechanisms, including research, teaching, and social services, to encourage and support teachers who contribute to the college's development. To expedite the introduction and cultivation of high-end talent, the college will also introduce relevant policies to support the school's talent development plan.

College ofManagement Dean Zhang Weiguo's Address

Subsequently, Vice Dean Niu Ben pointed out that the establishment of the association has proven to be effective in attracting more talents by mobilizing the efforts of the masses. Vice Dean Niu Ben expressed the school's full support for the faculty recruitment plan in the field of scientific research. He proposed the formulation of research policies with favorable terms to retain talents. Additionally, he suggested establishing connections with other universities through talent recommendations, facilitating academic exchanges with outstanding talents from both domestic and international institutions, and growing together.

Speech by Vice Dean Niu Ben of the College of Management

Vice Dean Chen Xingyu pointed out that the purpose of establishing the International Young Faculty Exchange Promotion Association is to assist young faculty in self-improvement, promote the development of an internationally-oriented teaching staff, and establish the "Bole Award" to provide financial incentives to teachers who successfully recommend research talents. Vice Dean Chen Xingyu introduced the talent recruitment standards, the establishment of the "Bole Award," and the internationalization funding policy to the participating teachers. He showcased the excellent candidate profiles received through teacher recommendations by the association and expressed gratitude for their active recommendations of talents.

Vice Dean Chen Xingyu of the College of Management presides over the meeting

In order to better recruit global talents, the college has also established the Global Talent Recruitment Guidance Committee, the committee is responsible for the initial screening of international talents' resumes and talent recommendations. In the end, Dean Zhang Weiguo presented certificates to the ten members of the Global Talent Recruitment Guidance Committee.

A group photo of the ten members of the Global Talent Recruitment Guidance Committee receiving certificates.

Photos of the Conference Venue

College of Management

October 20, 2023