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The 16th Graduate Student Representative Conference was successfully held

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On October 20, 2023, the 16th Graduate Student Representative Conference of Shenzhen University's College of Management was successfully held in Room 306 of the East Building at Sifang. The event was attended by the college's graduate student advisor, Ms. Ma Yichun, special guests, as well as representatives from the college's 2022 and 2023 graduate classes.

Firstly, the conference began with a speech by Ms. Ma Yichun, the graduate student advisor of the College of Management. Ms. Ma, on behalf of the college, extended her congratulations on the conference's convening. She warmly welcomed the special guests and graduate representatives from the College of Management, expressing gratitude for the hard work of the Graduate Student Representative Conference Preparation Committee.

Following that, He Tian, a member of the 15th Graduate Student Union of the College of Management, introduced the organizational structure of the College of Management's Graduate Student Union. He provided a summary and reflection on the union's work over the past year and offered insights into future plans. At the same time, He Tian expressed the hope that the new members of the Graduate Student Union would further strengthen communication and connections between graduate students at Lihu Campus and Yuehai Campus of the College of Management, creating a platform for the exchange of graduate students between the "One College, Two Campuses."

Next, during the recognition segment of outstanding members from the 15th Graduate Student Union, the conference gave full recognition to the work of four students, namely Chen Fengyi, Xiao Kaixin, Huang Qi, and Xu Sha, during their time in the union. Following a joint decision by the advisors from the College of Management and the Graduate Student Union, these four students were awarded the "Graduate Student Union Star" honorary certificates.

During the election segment, the candidates for the Graduate Student Union Executive Committee, including Chen Fengyi, Huang Qi, Tang Xiaoxia, and Chen Jianfa, took the stage to deliver their speeches. Among them, the 2022 graduate students Chen Fengyi and Huang Qi shared their experiences and achievements in their work with the Graduate Student Union over the past year. They also outlined their plans and visions for the future of the union.

On the other hand, the 2023 graduate students, Tang Xiaoxia and Chen Jianfa, introduced their experiences and reflections on student activities during their undergraduate years. They also presented their own ideas and suggestions for the future development of the Graduate Student Union.

After a vote by all the representatives, the conference elected Chen Fengyi, Huang Qi, and Tang Xiaoxia as the new members of the Graduate Student Union Executive Committee of Shenzhen University's College of Management. The appointment letters were presented to the new members by He Tian, a member of the previous Executive Committee.

Congratulations on the successful holding of the Shenzhen University College of Management Graduate Student Representative Conference and the Handover Meeting. We believe that the new members of the Executive Committee will, under the guidance of the university and college party committees and teachers, as well as with the trust and support of all graduate students, serve as a bridge to strengthen the connection between graduate students at the "One College, Two Campuses." They are expected to satisfactorily fulfill their future tasks and objectives, taking on the responsibility and mission of serving the college's students through the Graduate Student Union!