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AMBA & BGA Asia Pacific Deans and Directors Conference 2023

Author:Huiru Wang   Date:2023-11-22   Source:    ClickTimes:

The 2023 AMBA&BGA Asia Pacific Conference was successfully held in Bangkok, Thailand from November 15th to 17th, 2023. It was hosted by Chulalongkorn Business School and Thammasat Business School. There were over a hundred representatives from the Asia Pacific region attended the conference. Associate Dean Chen Xingyu and Wang Huiru from our college attented this meeting as representatives.

The three-day Asia Pacific Conference set up 16 sessions to discuss cutting-edge academic issues and practical experience in business education, such as "Lifelong Learning Program Development", "Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development", "The True Meaning of Internationalization" and "Learning Through Community Service". During the meeting, the attending representatives had chances to communicate with accreditation experts and business school colleagues face-to-face on the latest developments in business education and AMBA&BGA accreditation.

Associate Dean Chen Xingyu of our college, as the keynote speaker, conducted in-depth discussions with Professor Wang Zhongming (the General Manager of AMBA&BGA China and Director of the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center) and Associate Professor Qi Jun (Assistant Dean of Jinan University) on the theme of " Capacity-Buildingfor Innovative Course Development in terms of Theoretical Principles, Practical Skills and Employability", Professor Wang Zhongming pointed out that there were basically two ways for member schools of AMBA and BGA to build their capacity in curriculum development. First was sustainability, such as ESG (Environment, Society, Governance), sustainable marketing, and green consumer behavior. Another was to increase the likelihood of students. Cultivating students not only enabled them to find jobs, but also requires the ability to achieve greater success in their work. Associate Dean Chen Xingyu shared how the College of Management at Shenzhen University had carried out this innovation. Shenzhen was a young city with an innovative spirit. Thanks to the geographical advantage of the Greater Bay Area, the college not only offered core courses, but also adds short courses (including scientific research project short courses, thematic discussion short courses, and entrepreneurship practical short courses) to cultivate students' innovation and entrepreneurial practical abilities. In addition, Associate Dean Chen Xingyu and Associate Professor Qi Jun from Jinan University shared some measures to promote internationalization in the college, which received overwhelming responses from the audience.

This conference provided a great international platform for the outside people understand the business education characteristics of our college and Shenzhen University. It was a great opportunity for us to grasp the new trends in international business education, and understand the new developments in innovation and entrepreneurship education in business schools in the Asia Pacific region. It was of great significance for our college to further promote innovation and entrepreneurship education as well as international cooperation.