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The Company Visit Learning Activity for SZUCM Career Development (Full English) Course was Successfully Completed

Author:Huiru Wang   Date:2023-12-25   Source:    ClickTimes:

On the afternoon of December 21, 2023, Dr. Ding Wanling, the lecturer of the "Career Development" (Full English) course, led all students to visit Shenzhen BridgeOne Technology Investment Management Co., Ltd. BridgeOne Technology Investment was established in 2016, focusing on venture capital in the global technology industry, deeply cultivating in the fields of smart energy, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent healthcare, and intelligent software and hardware. It has a global teamwith scientists, entrepreneurs, and long-term value investors. After six years development, the company’s Fund V-FundⅦ raised AUM RMB 1.1 bn. 30 portfolio companies, 6 out of them in IPO process.

Firstly, Kevin Chen, the investment manager of BridgeOne Technology Investment Management Co., Ltd., organized a discussion on the topic of "Introduce the advantageous industries of your country". The whole class, from different countries and regions, actively participated in the speech. Kevin Chen shared his personal views. Next, Vanessa Wan, Vice President of BridgeOne Technology Investment Management Co., Ltd., gave a detailed overview of the company to the students, including its development history, basic structure, and main business areas. Then, students actively raised questions such as the operational model of BridgeOne Technology, how to deal with risks, and seeking advice from senior colleagues on career planning for entering the venture capital industry. At the end of the event, Emily Wang, CEO of BridgeOne Technology Investment Co., Ltd., gave a concluding speech, sharing her views on the keywords "change and passion" and giving valuable suggestions to the students. Finally, Dr. Ding Wanling expressed sincere gratitude to BridgeOne Technology Investment Co., Ltd. and hoped for further cooperation in talent cultivation.

After the one-and-a-half-hour corporate visit, students expressed that this visit and learning allowed them to further understand the characteristics of the venture capital industry, and also to have a clearer understanding and planning of their career development. They have gained a lot.