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The 64th New Knowledge Forum of the College of Management's Department of Human Resource Management"

Author:Huiru Wang   Date:2024-01-05   Source:    ClickTimes:

The "New Knowledge Forum on Human Resource Management (HRM)" is an academic series forum established by the College of Management's Department of Human Resource Management. It invites scholars specializing in the field of human resource management to present reports, engage in discussions, and communicate on significant theoretical and practical issues. The aim is to provide a platform for sharing and exchanging cutting-edge academic and practical insights for both faculty and students.

Topic: "Research and Outlook on Green Human Resource Management under China's Modernization"

Speaker:Professor Tang Guiyao (Vice Dean of the School of Management, Shandong University)

Host: ProfessorJiang Jianwu (Vice Dean of College of Management, Shenzhen University)

Speaker's Bio:

Tang Guiyao, professor, doctoral supervisor, vice dean of the School of Management of Shandong University, executive dean of Shandong Talent Development Strategy Research Institute, director of Shandong University Global Strategic Talent Development Research Center, young expert of Mount Taishan Scholars in Shandong Province, candidate of the "100 Talents Project for Theoretical Talents in Shandong Province". He has devoted himself into the research and teaching of strategic human resource management and leadership, and talent development strategy.

He has published over 80 papers in high-level academic journals such as Management World, Nankai Management Review, Journal of Management Science, Personal Psychology, Human Resource Management, Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Organizational Behavior. Among them, 6 research papers were highly cited by ESI and selected for the 2022 China Highly Cited Scholars List. He published many books such as Strategic Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management, Group Company Human Resource Management, and Research on the Strength of Human Resource Management Systems in Small and Medium sized Enterprises in China.

As the leader, he has completed one National Social Science Foundation project (Youth), three National Natural Science Foundation projects (General), and multiple provincial and ministerial level projects. He has also participated in one major National Social Science Foundation project as the sub project leader. Multiple government advisory reports have been approved or adopted, and multiple articles have been published in media magazines such as Popular Daily (theoretical version), China Talent, and People's Forum Network. He has won the second prize of Shandong Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Achievement Award, the first prize of Shandong Provincial University Scientific Research Achievement Award, the first prize of Liaoning Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Achievement Award, the outstanding teacher of Shandong University, and the March 8th Red Flag bearer of Shandong University.

He serves as an editorial board member of the European Management Journal, Management and Organization Review, China Human Resources Development, as well as a member of the China Talent Research Association and Vice President of the Shandong Higher Education Talent Research Association.


Under the guidance of sustainable development strategies and green development concepts, various sectors of society are increasingly concerned about environmental issues and green human resource management. This can promote sustainable development of enterprises developed rapidly. How to integrate the essential requirements of China’s modernization, such as high-quality development, harmonious coexistence of human and nature, and enriching the people's spiritual world, with enterprise human resource management has become a key problem that needs to be solved urgently by the business community and academia.

This report combines the existing research progress of green human resource management on the basis of introducing the contents and requirements of China’s modernization, the contents and definition of green human resource management and current research; Combining research literature and practical observations, explore the role and mechanism of green human resource management in shaping employee behavior and corporate performance. Finally, it combined with the relevant research under the background of China’s modernization, the future research direction of green human resource management is prospected.

Date: January 5, 2024 (Friday),16:00 PM - 17:30PM

Venue: Room A201, Mingli Building

All interested faculty and students are welcome to attend!