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Strategic Positioning and Marketing Innovation Analysis of Hougongfang - MBA "Strategic Management" Course Thematic Lecture

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On the morning of March 17, 2024, Mr. Li Shen, the current general manager of Shenzhen City Jieyao Liquor Co., Ltd., gave a presentation to the MBA students (high-end service management) with the topic of Strategic Positioning and Marketing Innovation of Hougongfang.

At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Li started with the key issue of how to quickly enter the golden track under the current economic situation, and combined with the current industry trends, he shared how the Hougongfang brand "identified" the soy sauce liquor market as a golden track from three aspects: scarcity of production capacity, consumer choice tendencies, and a high rate of return. Then, Mr. Li comprehensively elaborated on the "thickness" of Hougongfang's advantages from three aspects: strength, brand, and quality. The company controls the production source with a large-scale industrial park, leveraging the channel advantages and reputation of its parent company, Wuye Shen Group, to quickly rise and achieve a market advantage in the "tobacco and liquor" synergy. The brand has been deeply rooted for over thirty years by the Chishui River, reviving the traditional East Asian Maoxiang formula and carrying forward the Eastern sauce culture. They select high-quality raw materials for fermentation, returning to ancient brewing techniques, to craft a sauce liquor with a lasting aroma.

Afterward, Mr. Li introduced Hougongfang's three key strategies for entering the market successfully: great products, strong channels, and high traffic. To build a high-quality sauce liquor brand, Hougongfang continuously improves the taste of its sauce liquor and combines traditional Chinese culture in its product design to showcase Eastern aesthetics. They also offer a variety of high-quality sauce liquor series, such as the Aged and Lucky series, to meet diverse consumer needs. For promotion, they have created iconic stores that reflect the brand's image and enhance brand recognition. Additionally, Hougongfang uses a mix of online and offline channels to dominate the major market. Their offline advertisements cover more than 100,000 prime business areas, and celebrity endorsements deepen the brand's image, leading the way in sauce liquor popularity.

This thematic lecture was also one of the "Entrepreneurs Enter the Classroom" series of activities organized by the Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation Studio of the College of Management at Shenzhen University. Based on the exchange and learning from this lecture, students deepened their understanding of corporate strategic positioning and marketing innovation. At the end of the lecture, Associate Professor Yuan Jingbo made a brief summary and expressed gratitude to Mr. Li on behalf of the students.