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Recruitment for the 14th Entrepreneurship Elite Class

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The Entrepreneurship Elite Class (i.e. "Elite Class") of Shenzhen University College of Management, established in 2010. These studentscome from various majors within the university and have been growing under the innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere of Shenzhen University and the well-designed educational system of the Entrepreneurship Elite Class. They actively use the alumni resources accumulated by the class over the years, practice innovation and entrepreneurship in their unique ways, and create significant value for social development.

Now, we are looking for the next YOU – a member of the 14th Entrepreneurship Elite Class. Join us!

We need individuals who possess a spirit of practice, innovation, and the courage to think and act boldly. We look forward to your participation.

Who We Are:

The "Entrepreneurship Elite Class" is a distinctive program offered by the College of Management at Shenzhen University, featuring a small-class, elite teaching model. Leveraging the university's high-quality entrepreneurial resources, the program focuses on students' innovative planning and practical entrepreneurial activities. The goal is to cultivate compound innovative leaders with an international perspective, a systematic grasp of modern business management theories, familiarity with commercial laws and policies, innovative concepts, and adaptability to the needs of socio-economic development.

The Elite Class recruits annually in the spring, aiming to admit around 30 students per class.

What You Can Gain:

· An opportunity to pursue a minor in "Business Administration" through the College of Management.

· Specialized entrepreneurship training courses.

· A certificate from the Entrepreneurship Elite Class.

· A community of like-minded, proactive, and innovative peers.

· Opportunities for entrepreneurial funding support.

· Interaction with entrepreneurial enterprises.

· Access to entrepreneurship-focused lectures and training sessions (branding, financing, team building, etc.).

· Opportunities to join incubation projects within the university's entrepreneurship park.

Application Details:

· Target Applicants: The 14th class will be open to freshmen and sophomores from all majors across the university who have entrepreneurial aspirations, innovative potential, and leadership qualities.

· Number limit: up to 30 students.

· Eligibility Criteria:

1. Major: No restrictions.

2. GPA Requirement: A minimum of 3.0 (not a strict requirement).

How to Apply:

Download and complete the application form for the Entrepreneurship Elite Class by clicking the link below and send it to the email address:chuangyingban6@163.com.

Application Form Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1MXMg1Sn6TNkwdSrUYChOTQ Extraction Code: sdcy

Deadline for Application: 6:00 PM, March 28, 2024.