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MBA Human Resource Management Course Lecture- Innovative Thinking

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On the morning of April 14, 2024, from 9:15 to 12:30, Ms. Yachi Xie, a partner of the renowned international consulting firm Mercer in China, conducted a thematic exchange lecture for the MBA Human Resource Management course at Shenzhen University with the theme "Global Talent Trends and Talent Management Tool Practices for 2024". Students specializing in innovation and entrepreneurship management and medical management from the 2023 MBA Human Resource Management course were the primary attendees of the lecture. The event was marked by a lively and dynamic atmosphere with active engagement among participants.

At the beginning of the lecture, Ms. Xie shared Mercer's insights into the global talent development trends for 2024. Through the relevant data from the research report, she systematically analyzed the trends in global human resource management in recent years under the influence of the global economic environment, and pointed out in particular that the demand for enterprises to enhance human resource management to achieve organizational quality improvement and efficiency will be more urgent in the future.

Subsequently, based on the needs of organizational change and in combination with the practical requirements of organizational human resource management, Ms. Xie further shared the practical tool ARPCI in human resource management practices, which is used to sort out the job responsibilities of the organization, optimize the organizational structure, and better pursue organizational goals.

Finally, all students were divided into groups to participate in practical activities and discussions on the case of "The Division of Labor Among the Disciples of Tang Monk in Subduing Demons and Monsters". Students were able to actively participate in discussions and think, and they eagerly expressed their opinions, and everyone gained a lot.

This lecture was a theoretical practice activity of the MBA course, which effectively combined course theory with corporate practice. It not only deepened the MBA students' understanding of human resource management knowledge but also greatly promoted the improvement of MBA students' theoretical application ability.